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The Oinvest Forex broker: what do they offer?

The Forex industry is growing very quickly, so it is no surprise that more and more brokers are popping up left and right, seemingly on a daily basis. Oinvest is seemingly one of such companies, that sort of sprouted into the industry out of nowhere. The company comes from South Africa and states, loudly, on its website that it is a global company, providing services to countries all around the world. Except to write this review we had to jump through a number of hoops. Why? Because the service is not available to certain parts of the world. But being the dedicated bunch of reviewers we are, we did some internet magic (and got in touch with our South Africa based colleagues). Conversely, we no have reason to believe that the broker, while not the best in the world, has cause to be considered one of the better ones in the region. Why? Well, let’s find out.

The Website

The first thing you notice, once you manage to get into the website, is the sort of mediocre design that it has. The website has a number of qualities that it takes from bigger, better and international brokers. A simple design with a large homepage showcasing some of the details about the company. Great! Except there are several problems. The first problem is the fact that the company doesn’t really showcase much information on the homepage, other than mentioning the fact that there is a platform to trade on and an educational platform.  has a terrible navigational menu, designed so simplistically and in such an ugly way, it would make you not want to navigate through the website at all.

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