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AlfaTrade: Four Forex Trading Strategies With Real Profit Potential

Forex trading is a business that involves speculating price direction of the world’s currencies. Is the Euro going to lose value against the US Dollar? Is the Japanese Yen about to springboard into unprecedented levels against the Great British Pound? These are questions that are asked by Forex traders and which they attempt to answer as precisely as possible every day of the week. Continue Reading →

The reasons to use a Forex demo account

Trading on Forex can be tricky if you are just starting out. I am sure you did your research well and everything, but you might lack the actual practice. Fortunately for you, the majority of brokerage firms offer free demo accounts you can use for perfecting your skills. Of course, you will not be trading with your own actual funds and that is a great thing which will make you a better trader once you start trading with the real money.

The reasons to use a Forex demo account

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Why Bitcoin might be the best asset for binary trading?

Bitcoin gambling has become more and more popular with traders over the past years, with the crypto-currency gaining the interest of the markets thanks to its growth potential, but also, why not, to its high volatility. This makes speculations more and more lucrative for those who understand the system and have enough information to make educated guesses on the bitcoin. Continue Reading →


UltraTrade and its Crash Course to Trading Binary

UltraTrade: the crash course to trading Binary OptionsBinary options can come as a hard topic to break through for many inexperienced traders. But like many other businesses, trading binary involves a learning curve before you can actually start seeing results. Fortunately, binary is simpler relative to other tradable assets like ETFs or REITs. Here’s a crash course to trading binary options that’s designed to be timeless yet not so overwhelming to novice traders. Continue Reading →

Fundamental Analysis in Binary Options

Fundamental Analysis in Binary OptionsWhen we think about binary options, the first thing that comes to our minds is technical analysis. Surely, trading binary options is fast paced and traders are expected to act quickly in the short amount of time. It is clear that the majority thinks there is simply no use to doing a thorough fundamental analysis when you are dealing with trading binary options.

Yes, technical analysis is required when it comes to binary options since they are primarily dealing with short term trading, but fundamental analysis can be beneficial as well. The chances are an asset will be affected by an outside factor and you might be able to detect it before it happens if you take your time and make use of fundamental analysis. Continue Reading →

Option Figures Review

Option Figures ReviewChoosing the right binary signals application can be a complicated process for many traders. Surely, you want to make sure that everything is in order with a provider you want to use for your trading and that is understandable. It is better to be safe than sorry. But you need to check all the features out to see if they will suit you and your trading style. This Option Figures review is here to make things easier for you. So let’s dive in and see what Option Figures signals has to offer.

Sign up with Option Figures

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Using technical Analysis in Binary Options

Using technical Analysis in Binary OptionsOnce you start trading Forex more frequently, you will realize the importance of using technical analysis as one of your go-to tools for successful trading. I know, you are already aware that there is no way to accurately predict the way the market will move in a given time unless you are following the data releases, reading the current news, and doing your own market analysis. Continue Reading →

Binary options vs Sports betting

Binary options vs Sports bettingIf you are reading our site, you are most probably interested in trading binary options. Well, many people would agree that are such a form of trading that is the closest to gambling in its nature. Having said this, it is clear that unlike regular or bitcoin gambling, binary options trading entails quite some overview of the financial markets and their in depth analysis. In this article we are going to examine the main differences between those 2 types of activities and highlight which one is you should consider as the main source of your additional income. Continue Reading →


How to make money trading binary options

How to make money trading binary optionsBinary options have definitely revolutionised the online trading. Binary options trading has no limits and you have all chances to make substantial profits.

It is advisable to make your trading more structurized and deprived of spontaneous decisions. That is why to have profitable binary options trades, we recommend you to rely on a feasible trading strategy. However, it is important to understand that the trading strategy is a plan of achieving profits, not the secret money-maker formula. Continue Reading →


Binary Options Trading in Bullish and Bearish Market

Binary Options Trading in Bullish and Bearish MarketAs an investor, you must have heard about two different market directions – Bullish and Bearish. The Bullish market implies a certain increase in prices which reflects the investors’ confidence. In turn, the Bearish often indicates a decline in the economic market. Both markets are affected by the economic situation in the world or in a particular country.

Since the Bull means that the market is currently strong, bullish investors prefer to buy more. As the matter of fact, this contributes to the further increase in the economy. Continue Reading →