Betting companies offering binary options

Given how similar betting and binary options trading are, it would only seem like a natural fit for either group of companies to offer both services simultaneously. Not only would it improve such a company’s bottom line, but would also provide a one stop venue for gamblers who are also traders, or vice versa.

This is exactly what a few prominent betting companies have done; integrating binary options trading with their pre-existing services. Here are the companies proudly presented by together with their history and core services:


This is one of the most prominent betting companies in Europe and the world over with revenues in the billions of pounds. It was started in 2000 in England about the time when the internet was getting popular. From then, Bet365 has acquired customers from all over the world with the latest figure standing at 19 million.

Regardless of their success in the gambling industry, the company is seeking to expand into the booming financial industry, which Bet365 has done through the formation of Bet365 Financials. This branch of the company acts as the side offering financial services, most prominently, binary options.

The service is still new, and there are only two financial instruments you can trade:

  • DAX – the German stock market index representing 30 of the largest German companies listed on the
  • FTSE – the Financial Times Stock Exchange tracking the weighted value of 100 companies on the

Furthermore, these instruments can only be traded on the web platform since they don’t have trading software. It actually makes sense to do so since it would be inefficient to offer downloadable software for just two financial instruments. Nevertheless, the webtrader is easy to understand and use, and we have experienced actual market prices on the platform.

On the downside, there is only one form of binary option trade available, the ladder. For those who don’t know how ladder binary options work, just think of the typical high/low binary option, only several of them arranged in a ladder. It allows you to place several bets at the same time, with a constant payoff after every ‘step’ of the ladder is reached within the specified time. Another advantage of this system is that it can allow the payout percentage to be higher than that of a high/low bet, increasing the potential earnings.

Betting companies offering binary options

William Hill

This is another major gambling company that has been around since 1934. It is the largest gambling company in the UK handling 25% of all gambling activities and it is also known around the world. The company also enjoys huge revenues from the gambling sector of their services, and probably more now with the inclusion of binary options.

Just like Bet365 Financials, they only offer a web platform, but their version is a lot more robust with a wider range of trading tools and options. In addition, they have many more financial instruments to trade through their platform ranging from stock market indices to commodities, market equities and forex pairs.

However, they only offer the conventional high/low binary options. There are where the trader bets on whether the market prices will be higher or lower than their current price by a specified time in the future.

You may have noticed that the list is quite short, and there are various reasons for this. Mainly, binary options are under fire, with the brokers pulling out of the industry, and also because, for a betting company, it would require a whole other set of licenses and regulation.