Cantor Exchange Review


If your aspiration is to achieve success in binary options trading, then you need to be armed to the teeth with experience and variety of tools. But what is even more important is to select a superb place to trade. To our mind, one of such places is Cantor Exchange. However, some people mistakenly call this company Cantor Exchange broker. If you want learn more, then our review is exactly for you!
cantor exchange review
Min. Deposit: $100               Demo: No

Platform: SpotOption           Bonus: N/A

Regulation: N/A                     US Clients: Yes

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Honest Cantor Exchange review: About the Company

Well, so what is actually known about this company? To start off, this is a US based binary options exchange. It was founded in 2010, so they are not novices in their business. Cantor Exchange is a subsidiary of Cantor Fitzgerald, L.P. Their headquarters is located on 499 Park Avenue, New York, USA. Cantor Exchange is regulated by the oversight of CFTC and this makes us feel confident about trading options there.

Cantor Exchange review

Basically, the Cantor Exchange operates a marketplace for sellers and buyers to meet and trade BO there. Indeed, the exchange endorses and applies rules and regulations. The only language available on the website is English. And it is not a surprise as this exchange mainly focuses on US clients, whom it actively accepts. Cantor Exchange binary options can make the difference. It is much better to deal with trusted companies, than with unregulated offshore brokers located on Cyprus for example.

Cantor Exchange Trading Accounts Terms

Cantor Exchange is not a broker, thereby there is no usual trading account with packages and things like that. If you desire to trade binary options on Cantor Exchange, then you must become a member. We will explain that more in detail a little bit later.

Trading binary options on the Cantor Exchange binary is not complicated at all. The minimum deposit amount is evaluated $100. As for the fees, they are quite low comparatively with the high percentages vigorously kept by off-shore BO brokers. Every trade costs equal $0.90 per contract or lot. In case you decide to trade at market price, then there will be no fee. We do not think that saving 90 cents is rational, when you can lose substantially more on trade execution. Additionally, closing your trade is more than just affordable.

All terms and costs seem rather decent. Cantor Exchange is a good marketplace for you options trading.

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Cantor Exchange Trading Platform

Cantor Exchange can provide BO traders with a splendid trading platform based on the SpotOption with some custom adjustments and changes. Not just looking very promising, it demonstrates options traders all that they require: expiry, number of contracts, reward/risk. All Cantor Exchange reviews outline that no additional effort is needed to read display of available strikes and their respective market prices.

Frankly speaking, the list of assets and accessible expiries is limited for now, but that is just the matter of time and Cantor Exchange will undoubtedly update their platform. Currently the Cantor Exchange SpotOption platform supports solely 6 currency pairs and gold. Indeed, the 5 top pairs most actively traded include: the EUR/USD, the USD/JPY and the GBP/USD. You can also limit your risk exposure directly on your platform. As for the expiries. They are intraday and end of day including 11:45 AM, 12 AM and 4 PM. In addition, their binary options are ranging from 5 minutes to end of the day. There is no doubt that this is appropriate for the majority of BO traders.

Cantor Exchange reviews

We should also admit that their trading platform is online, web based and also available on mobile devices. It goes without saying that web based traders will have to posses Adobe Flash program. As for the mobile traders, they can use either Android or US operating systems. Cantor Exchange review found out that their primary focus is on mobile traders and platform performs even better on mobile devices than the online version.

Cantor Exchange Broker Deposits and Withdrawals

Since Cantor Exchange can be trusted, your deposits and withdrawals orders will be done properly, so will not have to worry about your funds.

Deposits can be performed by using debit cards and wire transfers. A deposit made with a debit card is instantaneous, while it takes some days with wire transfers. Minimum 1st deposit is $100.

As for the withdrawals. Our Cantor Exchange review discovered that they are made just exactly in the same way as deposits. It is significant to admit that withdrawals are easy on the Cantor Exchange. You will not feel embarrassed, simply because it is a USA based and CFTC regulated BO exchange. Your money will always be available. What’s more, withdrawals can be made at any time and are merely restricted to the normal banking hours. Your request can be processed the next day.

Cantor Exchange Customer Support

Customer support here is presented by different phone numbers that work according to your status. Also, you can always email them by the address stated on the website.

Cantor Exchange review

Cantor Exchange Account Application

As we have stated above, in an attempt to trade on the Cantor Exchange you are obliged to become a member. As the matter of fact, memberships are pretty easy and accessible to U.S. residents. In case you are non-U.S. trader, you still can benefit from the CFTC Cantor Exchange binary options, but to register one should download participation application package. Ignore those Cantor Exchange reviews that try to dissuade you.

Cantor Exchange binary options
Well, after you fill out the online application membership, it will be processed within a particular amount of days. Indeed, members are referred to as Individual Trading Participants or ITP and they have a constant access to all the options available for trading.

Cantor Exchange Review Conclusion

Is Cantor Exchange binary a good place to trade options? It unquestionably is. It can provide you a decent marketplace, nice binary options trading terms. Moreover, you can certainly benefit from their top-notch trading platform that has everything you need for successful trading.

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Cantor Exchange Broker