Morton Finance Review


Morton Finance binary broker is relatively new and came onto the scene in September 2015. Not only are they new but they also operate without a license or any form of regulation. This is major red flag because there is no guarantee that there’s anything to ensure your money is safe. Read our Morton Finance review to find out why this broker is really the Morton Finance scam.
Morton Finance Review
Min. Deposit: $250            Demo: N/A

Platform: N/A                    Bonus: N/A

Regulation: N/A                  US Clients: Yes

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Morton Finance Review

Morton Finance Review of Customer Service

Many companies offer live chat services along with the usual email and telephone options so their customers can reach out to them and get a quick response. Telephone calls can be expensive especially if you are left waiting on the line.

Now while some companies are unable to fully utilize live chat to cater to the needs of their customers, they still offer the option.

Better to try than not at all, right?

Morton Finance seems to be an exception. They only offer email and they only offer two telephone numbers.These are their numbers:

  • United Kingdom +44 203 769 9599
  • USA (866) 895-4576

This is great for UK and US clients but what if you are from neither of those countries?

Are you to make an international call to only be left waiting? That’s going to be costly.

Morton Finance’s opinion of their clients seem to be very low. If this were not the case then they would respond to emails earlier than a week and a half after they’ve been sent.

The Morton Finance broker’s customer support offers no support at all.

Morton Finance Accounts Review

The Morton Finance binary broker offers four different account types to choose from.

These account types are:

  • Entry Level
  • Preferred
  • Signature
  • Premium

The first type is the Entry Level account type. It requires the lowest deposit which is $350 and the max deposit for this account is $9,999. You only receive a measly Ebook and investment guide if you choose this option.

Morton Finance Accounts Review

Pick up one of the best binary options brokers instead.

The second account type is the Preferred account. Holders of this account are promised 2 Risk free trades, 100% deposit bonus, personal account manager and Morton’s signature investment guide. The starting deposit for this account is $10,000 and caps at $99,999.

The third account type is the Signature account. If you register for this account then you’ll receive 2 Risk Free trade, personal account manager, 125% bonus, the Morton finance Ebook investment guide, the Morton Finance strategic trading guide and weekly consultation with an expert analyst.  The deposit range for this account is $100,000-$499,999.

Morton Finance account

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The final account type is the Premium account. This is priciest account option yet with a minimum deposit of $500,000 with no maximum deposit given. This one also promises some interesting features, most notably an iPhone 6. The other features are the e-book invest guide, and investment guide, up to 150% bonus, personal account manager, 3 risk free trades, strategic trading guide, daily private consultation with an expert analysis, expedited financial withdrawal option and weekly e-trader group training.

Now a few things about these account options, they seem to offer quite a lot which is understandable given the cost but why? Why does it seem like Morton Finance is using smoke and mirrors to get clients to deposit huge sums.

Whenever a company does something like this like offer an iPhone 6, it should raise suspicion. Not only that but their supposed Ebooks and trading guides are nothing more than a like waste of space. They offer little insight into investment and trading and you would be better off doing a basic Google search than using their “resources.”

Accounts like these and brokers like Morton Finance are the ones you should avoid for your own benefit.

Morton Finance Platform Reviews

The Morton Finance binary broker uses a very basic platform. High/low binary options are offered at multiple expiration time frames. Expiration time starts from as low as 60 seconds to as high as years.

Their website is only available in English.

You should know that the Morton Finance broker does not have their owner or address listed on their website. This is another reason to go in the opposite direction of this broker. If you don’t know who runs it then how can you know your money will be secured?

Morton Finance Scam Review Conclusion

The Morton Finance broker is like that person who promises to do a lot but when push comes to shove, they deliver nothing. They offer no information on their owner and lack regulation. It is clear that the Morton Finance scam is to be avoided.

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Morton Finance Broker