Prestige Option Review


The Prestige Option binary broker is new on the market. Their current reputation appears “flawless” however just like that new person in town who appears innocent, there is always something more sinister lurking beneath. Read our Prestige Option review to find out if this new broker is legitimate or really the Prestige Option scam.
Prestige Option Review
Min. Deposit: $250            Demo: N/A

Platform: N/A                     Bonus: N/A

Regulation: N/A                  US Clients: No

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Prestige Option Scam

Prestige Option is owned by Leadcapital Markets Ltd, the same company that owns and you know how that company operates. Their official location is at Treppides Tower, 9 Kafkasou Street, Aglantzia, 5th Floor, Nicosia, Cyprus. Their regulation is done by CySec but as we have mentioned before, simply because a broker is regulated, does not mean, their services are worth using or that they will treat you well.

Prestige Option Customer Service Scam Review

Prestige Option offers customer support to their clients through live chat, email and telephone.

Their telephone number is:+35725281884.

The thing with live chat and why many companies use it is because it allows you to contact the company’s customer service team instantly.

This where we have our first problem with Prestige Option, there is always a long waiting time when using their live chat. It is annoying because live chat is meant for instantaneous replies and support yet you are left waiting.

Does Prestige Option not have enough customer service agents or are their agents so inept at dealing with customer complaints, which we are sure they get a lot of, that they are not able to handle new messages.

The next problem is this, how can you have a live chat option when there are no agents to engage customers in a live chat with customers?

Why is it that 9/10 times when using Prestige Option’s live chat, you have to send them a message rather than speak to a person?

The whole point of live chat is INSTANTANEOUS replies. If a problem could wait then email would have been used.

That brings us to our next point – waiting time on the phone.

Most people call a company service line when they really need a problem fixed and they really need to speak to someone. But it is annoying and EXPENSIVE when you have to wait on the line to speak with a customer service agent.

Again does the Prestige Option broker lack sufficient customer service agents or are they unable to do their jobs?

Either way, something needs to be done.

The Prestige Option binary broker’s services are far from prestigious.

Pick up one of the best binary options brokers instead.

Prestige Option Accounts Review

The Prestige Option broker has five account options which is two more than many other brokers.

Prestige Option Accounts Review

These five account types are:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • VIP
  • Platinum

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Each higher option is a supposed upgrade of the last ones with more features and thus they carry a higher minimum deposit. The thing is this. The Prestige Option broker’s accounts fall short each time which is disappointing.

The Bronze option which has the lowest minimum deposit at €500. The features you get for this is a mere 25% bonus, over 100 tradable assets and economic info.

The next account type is the Silver account and the minimum deposit for this is €5000. Instead of a 25% bonus, you get a 50% one, two training sessions, economic info, weekly market review and BASIC training videos. Seems like quite a little for your €5000, right?

The third type is the gold account. The minimum deposit is €10000 and for this amount, you receive everything that a silver account holder would get plus market reviews twice a week and advanced training videos.

The fourth option is the VIP option and the minimum deposit for this option is €50000. You receive everything that a gold account holder would get but instead of market reviews, two times a week, you receive those daily plus a 2% dividend amount.

The final option is the platinum option and in order to open a Platinum account, you have to be invited. The minimum deposit is €10000.

Prestige Option Reviews of Trading Platform

The Prestige Option broker’s trading platform is mainly web based and it can be used both on PC and mobile devices.

Prestige Option Reviews of Trading Platform

They also have android and iOS apps which are going to be made available soon. They seem really up to date, don’t they?

That is all well and good but in reality, their trading apps are riddled with serious bugs which will cause you problems. And you know when there is a problem with trading, you are the one who loses money.

Do not take that chance.

Prestige Option Scam Review Conclusion

The Prestige Option binary broker is still fairly new and so far they are not impressive. Their name may be Prestige Option but it seems the quality of service is synonymous with disgrace. Avoid them and you will thank yourself later.

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