Safe24option scam review


Have you heard about binary brokers that try to take well recognized name and build their image on it? There are brokers that take only a name and do not build anything on it. Except for bad reputation and debts to their clients. Are you ready for fair Safe24option scam review? Read full article before you get into its hands.
honest safe24option scam review
Min. Deposit: $100               Demo: No

Platform: SpotOption          Bonus: No

Regulation: N/A                    US Clients: Yes

DO NOT SIGN UP! Read full Safe24option Scam Review and find out what is waiting for you. SCAM DETECTED!


Safe24option Scam Review: About the Company

Why Safe24option is a scam? Because almost everything on its website looks scammy from the first sight! First of all, this binary options broker gives absolutely no details about its location and regulation. Safe24option scam review had to find this information on our own, by looking into every detail that we were able to found. This broker does not even tell you the size of minimum deposit before you start making it.

What do we know about Safe24option company? We know only a few things. First of all, company is unregulated by any financial authority that can regulate binary options brokers. Furthermore, it freely accepts clients from the USA, as most scams do. And the last thing, Binary Options Hub as well as our users, have absolutely no idea where this broker is located. In addition to that, they call binary options as digital options, which is uncommon for trading, this adds additional negative impression to this scam.

What adds more questions is that the company claims that its name is Safe24option, but in reality, its website has additional “s” on the end. So, it is actually Safe24options but in order to appear in searches for 24option, it decided not to show it anywhere. Don’t you think it looks scammy?

Safe24option scam review

Safe24option Accounts Review

Remember all account offers that are available at the best binary options broker that this one is trying to replicate, 24option? Well, they are not here, do not even try to look for them, you will find nothing! All conditions, offers and commissions are absolutely the same for everybody.

In addition to that, there are no safe24option education or expert advises available. So when you go for trading with this scam binary option broker, first of all, you can loose your deposit even before you start trading and in addition to that, there is zero help with your trading from this broker.

It just does not seems fair, especially since now every broker tries to bring some additional goodies to clients. But scam brokers do not care about customer relations, so it is what it is. Stay away!

Safe24option Trading Conditions

As Binary options Hub told you before, scam brokers tend not to care about differentiation of their Binary Options offers. They prefer basic ones and binary broker Safe24option scam is no different in this way. There are just basic trading types and more to that, as you will see, some of them do not work, which makes everything even more interesting.

  • Binary Options
    Standard Binary Options trading, nothing much different. But, being honest, we would not recommend you to try it with Safe24option. Really, do not ever trade with scams, you will not be able to win.
  • 60 Seconds
    Basically, it is the same type as Binary Options, or Digital Options, as this scam binary options broker prefers to say, with expiration time of 60 or 90 seconds. No difference in anything else was spotted.
  • One Touch
    Once again, it is common type of Binary Options. You just make a decision whether price goes to some particular level or not. If you prediction is correct, you get profit. If you are mistaken, no profit is waiting for you. Timeframes are common for all binary brokers and go from 5 minutes to daily closure.
  • Option Builder
    This is where things with Safe24option scam review started to get pretty interesting. It seems like a nice and fresh type of binary options. But the only problem – it does not work. Yes, there is no possibility to try Option Builder, it will not execute your orders.
  • Open Platform
    This option opens bigger chart of your trading instrument and allows to execute Binary Options there. Basically, it is done for increased possibilities of the asset analysis. But, if you are trading with unreliable binary options broker, we do not believe that you need any kind of analysis.

Safe24option Trading Platform

Once again, this broker tries to copy 24option, but it does not actually works for him this time. Safe24option Scam Broker is using SpotOption as its only available platform. We, Binary Options Hub, love SpotOption, but seriously, it is not the reason to give your money to scam broker.

Furthermore, there are no customizations available. You will not have an opportunity to open multiply assets side-by-side and hedge yourself, no way. As an addition to that, the color scheme used by scam binary options broker is just annoying and we did not like it at all.

safe24option scam

Safe24option Scam Deposits and Withdrawals

Save24options scam review, found out that the choice of deposit method of this broker is actually pretty wide. No actual surprise, since such binary brokers will do absolutely anything for your deposit.

You can choose between e-payments, credit cards and bank transfers, but be prepared that initial deposit will be done only via credit card or bank transfer. E-payments should be open to you afterwards, but seriously, do not even think about sending your money to this scam binary option broker, you shouldn’t do it!

Safe24options Customer Support

This scam broker did not even care about getting normal customer support. Do you want live chat? It is not there. Yes, at the time when every reliable binary broker offers live chat, scam binary broker does not. Furthermore, your native language is German? Be ready to talk to support only in English or Spanish, no other languages are available.

Safe24option Account Application

Ready to open account with Safe24option? We will not give you any link to this broker, yes we care about your bankrolls.

But if you actually decide to open an account, it is easy. You just hit big button which says “Open Real Account” and there would be only one step left.

You will have to give your details to this binary options scam in the next window:

honest safe24options review open account

After you type in your details and capcha, just press the submit button and you will have an account with this unreliable binary options broker. The next window will ask you to make a deposit, which we strongly recommend you not to do!

Honest Safe24option Scam Review Conclusion

Scam broker that does not even try to look like real broker is easier to expose. Especially if there is nothing said about the company and its marketing tactics are not fair. This is why we suppose that you should never involve yourself into trading with such BO brokers. For every tiny piece of evidence as well as bad customer support Honest Safe24option Scam Review rates this scam with 1.5 stars.

Trade only with trusted brokers! We trust 24option!

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