KeyStone Platform Review


Binary Options industry is dominated by a few major software companies, however with KeyStone platform you get to experience a custom crafted platform by a known broker. The KeyStone Platform Review will tell you about company history, provide the platform look & feel and list available brokers. Read review to find out more!
keystone platform review
Desktop App: No            Tech. Analysis: Yes

WebTrader: Yes               News Feed: Yes

Mobile Apps: No             Social Trading: No

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KeyStone Platform Review: About the Company

KeyStone is a B2B division of, a well-established foreign exchange broker. KeyStone Binary Options platform is only one of the products delivered by this software company, KeyStone also provides solutions for forex trading, affiliation, customer relationship management and more.

binary options keystone review

KeyStone Binary Options platform has appeared in the early 2010’s and since then it has been mainly available at TopOption, a binary options brand of Even though the platform is a proprietary development of a broker, it is still quite powerful and effective. What makes KeyStone special is its fast speed of response. While many binary options platforms are overloaded with unnecessary features, KeyStone provides you with a great and pure binary options trading experience. Continue reading KeyStone review to find out more about trading options.

KeyStone Types of Options

KeyStone binary options trading platform lets you accessing 5 types of the binary options.

  • Classic

A simple way to trade binaries, just predict the direction of the asset move and select an expiration time, which could be somewhere between 10 minutes to two and half hours.

  • SpeedMaster

This is a fast way to trade binaries. This option type differs only in terms of expiration period. You can trade binaries that expire within 60, 90 and 120 seconds.

  • One Touch

This type of option generates the highest possible return. You can expect a return of around 250% on your trade. This option expires only at 22:00 (London time) every day and if it hits the target, you get to collect the return. You can of course choose whether it will hit a bottom or an upper target.

  • Touch / No Touch

Quite similar to One Touch, Touch / No Touch binary options are here for the traders that want to forecast whether a certain price level will be touched or not touched before the options expires. The expiration time here is different, usually it is 30 minutes.

  • Pro Option

This is an advanced binary options trading system. First of all, you are provided with much more advanced chart. In addition to this, you get to apply lots of technical indicators. General trading options are Pro Option are not so much different from Classic Option, but the whole trading experience is just outstanding.

Sounds interesting? Read next to learn about KeyStone platform review of the trading features!

Detailed KeyStone Review

KeyStone is a binary options trading platform available directly from your browser. It is quite lite, easy to use and not so much different from the competition. It comes without a bunch of unwanted preloaded features, so you can operate this platform much faster.

keystone binary options review
With KeyStone, you can either trade a single asset as on the image above, or have a multi asset trading template as shown below. As you can see, multi asset trading mode is not well optimized, especially for the small screens.

keystone platform

On the upper bar of the trading platform you can select a type of option you want to trade. You can also enable 1 click trading, so you do not have to confirm each of the positions you want to open. This is of course great, especially if you are a frequent trader, but note that you may end up making some faulty trades with this feature. So it is best to disable it whenever you are going away from the keyboard.

Pro Option has a different interface, it is mainly designed for the traders that are looking for technical analysis options. Binary Options Hub has found out during this KeyStone review that there are nothing that stands even close to Pro Option technical capabilities in terms of binary options trading platforms.

keystone binary options platform review

As you can see above, KeyStone’s Pro Option has quite a powerful web charting, where you can select a timeframe and add tons of indicators. This is a decent web trader for binaries. Still, Binary Options Hub would recommend you using a different charting system, you may use TradingView or any other web charting system.

KeyStone SmartPhone Apps

Unfortunately KeyStone is not supplied with iOS and Android apps, so if you are looking for a software that is offered together with mobile trading – you would be better off picking up another trading platform.

Binary Options Hub has also tested TopOption (broker with KeyStone platform) site via a mobile device and found out that the site is not optimized for mobile devices. This way we can conclude that if you are looking for mobile trading – try elsewhere.

Once the apps appear, Binary Options Hub will take a look and include them in this KeyStone platform review.

KeyStone Review Conclusion

KeyStone is quite a solid platform, especially considering that it is a custom development of a single broker. The platform is easy to use and it is incredibly fast. Even though the multi asset trading is not optimized for small screens, you can trade single assets quite effectively.

If you are into classic options – Pro Option would be a great choice for you, as it comes with some great web charting capabilities and a powerful set of technical indicators. This type of options also has many other exciting features.

Unfortunately KeyStone is not well supported on mobile devices, neither in form of native apps nor in form of a site compatible with mobile devices. You will also not find social trading with KeyStone, but the RSS feed with fundamentals and an extensive amount of technical indicators do make up for it. This is why KeyStone earns 3.5 stars out of 5.

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