UTIP Binary Platform Review


Nowadays there are quite a few choices for a binary trader to select from, and while many of the binary traders can be familiar with such platforms as SpotOption and TechFinancial, there are more software providers. Many of such are actually offering a more powerful solution for trading binaries online and today we will present you with one of the leading choices of the binary option trading software – UTIP Binary Platform.

UTIP Binary Platform Review
Desktop App: Yes            Tech. Analysis: Yes

WebTrader: Yes               News Feed: Yes

Mobile Apps: Yes           Social Trading: Yes

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UTIP: About The Company

UTIP is a company that specialises in software development and currently offers a powerful suit for starting a binary and/or FX brokerage. Its primary focus is the development of trading software and UTIP certainly excels in delivering a top-notch trading experience. As its rival platforms, UTIP supplies trading via a browser and it also allows trading on handheld devices. However, what separates UTIP from the its competitors is that this company has over 10 years of experience, and hence, UTIP was able to design a binary options platform with extremely powerful technical analysis features.

UTIP Binary Options Trading Platform

It does not matter whether you are just a beginner or a seasonal binary options trader, UTIP should be your best choice if you consider becoming a pro one day. From the first glance it is possible to see that the platform is designed for professional trading experience.

UTIP Binary Options Trading Platform

Unlike other binary option platforms that fill out the User’s Interface with bulk PUT and CALL buttons, UTIP actually lets you focus on the analysis as you can preview a very clear chart. It also supports multiple trading instruments via tabs.

Many advanced traders find some technical analysis types available at most of the binary options trading software very limited. This is where UTIP comes handy, with a few clicks you are able to fully prepare your chart for some powerful analysis.

Utip binary platform

With UTIP binary options trading platform you can use various types of Moving Averages, add Relative Strength Index and also apply Stochastic Indicator.

It is also possible to choose one of the three forms to preview the pricing:

  • Candlesticks
  • Bars
  • Line chart

Next to great charting and analytical options, UTIP has lots of customisation features. In simple words, you can make the platform look just the way you want. This attribute certainly makes UTIP unique in the realm of binary options software providers.

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UTIP Trading Instruments

Another great feature of this trading software is that you can access a great number of markets and trade an extensive amount of assets. In fact, UTIP may be just a platform that offers the widest variety of the instruments in a single platform. Let’s take a more detailed look at what you can trade via UTIP Binary Options platform below.


There are 23 currency pairs available for trading. These list involves all of the major pairs, minors, commodity and even a few exotic pairs like NZD/SGD.


If you are into stock trading, then UTIP is a great choice for you too. Amongst the shares you can find such blue chip stocks as Apple, Alphabet (previously Google), IBM, Yahoo and over 35 more choices.


There is also an impressive number of the world’s leading economies that you can trade via UTIP platform, ranging from a regular UK100 (FTSE) to FR40 (CAC).


As most of the competitors, UTIP offers a modest choice between two metals. You can trade binary options for Gold and Silver.


This is a unique feature that we have only seen available at UTIP platform, although there is only one cryptocurrency available, it is the most famous and the most liquid one – Bitcoin. Your choice is also limited as you can trade Bitcoin only against US dollar, yet it is still a great feature.

UTIP Mobile Platform

UTIP offers a slick way to trade binaries via your mobile device. Although currently only Android devices are supported, the platform is much more useful than any other alternative available to binary traders. At this platform you can clearly preview the chart, the quotes, execute trades and check you trading history.UTIP Mobile Platform

A great feature of this platform is that you are able to plot the chart over 5 different time frames, ranging from 5 seconds to 1 day.

Unlike other binary options apps for mobile trading, UTIP offers a nearly identical trading experience, although the objects and indicators are not available.

UTIP Binary Platform Conclusion

So far this is the most advanced platform for trading binaries that we have seen so far. Another advantage of it is that it is not really complex, hence even a beginner can quickly start profiting from binary options using this platform. Technical indicators and graphical objects are what make UTIP special. Next to a versatile web application, UTIP binary trader also comes as an Android app. If you have not tried it yet, do not waste your time and get a demo account by clicking the button below.

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UTIP Binary Platform