ScoutChain and Block Crafters are now partners

Blockchain has become so popular within this 1 year, that more jobs were created in the industry than it could keep up with. Data analysts, blockchain programmers and financial analysts suddenly saw a spike in the demand of their professions. Therefore the salaries increased exponentially, nearly tripled in size. All of this chaos of finding the right people for the job required a contractor, a recruiter who would only specialize in blockchain, that came to be in the face of ScoutChain.

ScoutChain is somebody to look into because of their latest partnership with a blockchain accelerator. Block Crafter was able to procure this partnership with ScoutChain on October 4th. The core of the collaboration was with accelerating all the processes connected to blockchain recruitment and the transformation of the experience. In order to make a lot more good decisions over the staff, more acceleration was needed in their system.

How does ScoutChain recruit?

The easy description of the process that individuals go through when applying for a job in ScoutChain is that they basically exchange data through a blockchain, which in turn guarantees their privacy and security. The whole platform was built on blockchain technology and doesn’t even require an operator because it already has a life-long one, artificial intelligence. ScoutChain is trying to tap into the global market, because of the reason how international the blockchain industry has become. Some countries who have some of the biggest capital sometimes don’t feature enough local experts for their business processes and have to hire internationally. ScoutChain is aiming to make this process easier by letting its platform process all of the data sent in by applicants and only give the green light to the ones most qualified for a potential blockchain job. After this companies will be able to easily access the information given by the candidates and choose their desired ones to interview.

Who are these companies?

Block Crafters are sort of like angel investors for any tech or financial startup. They have not been prevalent only in the Blockchain industry, but have touched numerous other aspects of fintech. They are basically an accelerator, helping startups in IT to get started, become popular and get established as good and reliable businesses. For large corporates, they act as contractors or developers with an outsourcing service. They provide the acceleration of newly implemented fintech related proceedings in large companies. They are very proud to be able to provide such services and promote investments in blockchain technology and other IT startups.

ScoutChain was a primary target for Block Crafters because of the fact that, they were one of the biggest recruiters in the industry. Some of the staff in Block Crafters actually found their jobs with the help of ScoutChain. The CEO of ScoutChain Moon has also agreed that a partnership with this company was pretty much always on the horizon. They admire all of the projects that Block Crafters enable and the angel investment attitude that their company promotes to others.